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Get Beautiful Bamboo Floors Installed in Columbus

bamboo flooring
Don’t be fooled by what you know about the panda bear’s favorite snack – bamboo floors are a smart, attractive choice for your home, business or community project. Since 1990, Traditional Hardwood Floors has been handling the installation, restoration and repair of Columbus hardwood floors. We sell the best of materials, and our installers are trained to handle projects of all kinds. Bamboo flooring has moved from an alternative to being part of the mainstream. Here are a few reasons for bamboo’s entrance into so many properties in recent years:
  • Sustainability – Botany classifies it under grasses rather than trees, partially because of its incredible growth rate. Harvesting and replanting it therefore takes place in a much shorter, more sustainable cycle.
  • Durability – Its hardness compares to other popular flooring products, but at the same time, it doesn’t shatter upon impact. It is hard to scratch, and sealers can protect it from moisture damage.
  • Price – Virtually unaffected by market swings, bamboo remains within the reach of most shoppers.
  • Style options – Bamboo floors are available in a number of finishes and orientations, making it easy to match to a style and color scheme.
  • Versatility – Installation options include gluing, nailing and floating. This makes it a fitting solution for both new construction and remodels.
  • Chance at a second life – Unlike fabricated or veneer products, if after many years of wear and tear your floor is in rough shape, an installer can sand down and refinish your bamboo floors.

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