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3 Older Flooring Trends Regaining Popularity in 2018

beautiful flooring of a house
What's old is new again, especially in the realm of home construction. In addition to more people opting for quieter closed floor plans and wraparound porches, builders are also noticing a surprising uptick in classic flooring trends. Three older flooring trends are reemerging in 2018, and here are some reasons you should consider using them in your home.
1. Light Hardwood
Gone are the days of ebony hardwoods and cherry colored floors that show every scratch. Today, more customers are choosing lighter colored birch, maple, cork, and even light oak floors, making rooms feel lighter and larger. Natural stains, cream-colored washes, and even weathered, reclaimed planks are back in style, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
Because debris like dirt and dust tends to blend in with lighter flooring, blonde colored hardwoods make homes look and feel cleaner, which can cut down on daily chores. Also, since wood damage tends to appear lighter, issues like scrapes and scratches will blend right in — preventing the need for urgent repairs.
To make your home look on-trend, try to avoid the honey-colored woods of the nineties, and instead opt for cooler shades of hardwood. Also, stay away from whitewashed woods, which tend to show every speck of dust or grime. If you are trying to make a room appear larger, then choose wider planks over shorter, thinner versions.
2. Planks On the Walls
Although you might have never imagined that the wood paneling trends of the seventies and eighties would be out in force almost 50 years later, more and more homeowners are using hardwoods to create gorgeous accent walls everywhere from bathrooms and home offices to bedrooms and kitchens.
While traditional dark planks are perfect for rooms you want to feel cozy like home offices and formal living rooms, lighter planks create an interesting backdrop for living areas and hallways. Some people even place hardwood planks in a shiplap design up the walls of stairwells, protecting the walls from damage while creating a crisp, clean look.
When you look for hardwood planks to use as accent walls, keep your options open. Don't rule out laminates and engineered woods, since walls don’t have to endure as much wear and tear as your natural flooring.
3. Parquet Flooring
For years, home design shows and bloggers alike showed homeowners how to remove that old parquet flooring. However, parquet flooring is another trend projected to build traction in 2018, prized for its easy installation and beautiful results.
Created from small strips of hardwood, parquet flooring can be placed in intricate herringbone or box designs, making the floors the star of the show. Additionally, parquet flooring is simple to install, more readily available than larger hardwood planks, and typically made from all natural wood, increasing the longevity of the floor.
When you talk with flooring professionals about installing parquet floors, think about designs carefully to keep the room from looking too busy. Ask professionals if they can show you samples in your chosen hardwood’s color, so you can imagine what the results might look like. Also, ask about wood sealants, since parquet floors have more seams and joints than traditional planks.
Whether you love the older, traditional flooring styles that are coming back in style today or you are looking for something that will meld with your personal design aesthetic, our team here at Traditional Hardwood Floors, LLC is more than happy to help.
With a focus on craftsmanship and customer service, our professionals are dedicated to getting the job done on time and on budget. Schedule your consultation today to start the ball rolling on your home renovation.