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8 Reasons You Should Hire Professionals to Install Hardwood Flooring

Cozy House With Hardwood Flooring
Putting in a new floor can be expensive, which is why some people may be tempted to install their new flooring themselves to save a little money. Some types of flooring, including certain laminates and vinyl plank flooring, are designed to be particularly easy to install. However, hardwood flooring installation is best left to the professionals.
1. Professional Installers Have the Right Tools
If you want to do the job right, installing hardwood flooring requires a number of tools. Homeowners generally have a few tools around the house, including a hammer and nails and maybe a drill or even a circular saw. However, it's not common for a homeowner to have a pneumatic flooring nailer handy.
2. Professional Installers Can Better Estimate Flooring Needs
Professional installers handle hardwood floor installations often, so they know how to measure the room to determine the flooring needs. They also know how much extra flooring they should order to make up for the cuts needed and any potential mistakes during installation, which could be as much as an additional 10 percent.
3. Professional Installers Know How to Prepare for Installation
These installers will make sure that the room has the proper subfloor and that it is flat and clean. They'll also have the flooring delivered in advance to give it time to acclimate to the humidity and temperature in the room so it has fewer problems with expansion and contraction after installation.
4. Professional Installers May Require Less Flooring
If you leave this job to the professionals, you may save money on the flooring itself. Professional installers know how to make the best use of the flooring so they have less waste. They're also less likely to make mistakes and have to redo sections of the floor. For example, professionals won't make unintentional patterns when laying the flooring.
5. Professional Installers May Make Less of a Mess
Professional installers know about the potential messes that can occur when installing hardwood floors, and so they may take steps to minimize these messes. They may do their sawing outdoors and put up plastic barriers to keep dust and debris from spreading around the house.
6. Professional Installers Make It Easier for Homeowners
You save a lot of time and effort by hiring professional installers. Not only do they install your floor, but in some cases, they even do all of the prep work as well. This preparation includes moving your furniture out, removing old flooring, and dealing with the removal and reinstallation of your baseboards. Ask ahead of time to see what you're expected to do.
7. Professional Installers Make a Perfect Floor More Likely
Hardwood flooring installation isn't as easy as it may seem. A professional installer knows all the potential pitfalls and how to limit the risk of them occurring. For example, they know how to make the transitions between different types of floorings even, how to account for expansion and contraction of the floor, and how to finish hardwood.
8. Professional Installers Can Finish the Job Faster
Because the professionals have the right tools and experience, they'll finish installing your new hardwood flooring a lot faster than you would as an amateur unfamiliar with the process. You won't have to stay out of the rooms getting new flooring for as long and will be able to get back to your normal day-to-day routine sooner.
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