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Best Hardwood Flooring For Homes With Kids And Pets

Baby feet
There are many benefits to having hardwood floors — they last for many years, are hypoallergenic in use, and are relatively easy to maintain. When you have kids or pets (or both) in your home, you may be hesitant to install hardwood due to the abuse it may receive from accidents and scratches.
Luckily, there are many species of wood used in flooring, which enables you to choose the type that works best for your particular household. Here are some hardwood flooring options to consider for your possibly boisterous family.
Bamboo flooring is is in the hardwood class, although the material itself is actually a type of grass. What makes bamboo appealing for homes with pets and children is its durability. Bamboo is one of the hardest flooring options you can choose, as it is resistant to warping from moisture and less likely to harbor stubborn stains. This flooring is also less likely to scratch than other types of hardwood.
As a bonus, bamboo is often more cost effective than other types of wood flooring and comes in a variety of hues with varying grains. Compare bamboo flooring to other hardwood contenders to see if this flooring option is best for your needs.
Brazilian Walnut
Brazilian walnut is a dense and durable type of exotic hardwood that is known to be ideal for homes with children and pets. Able to withstand high traffic and less susceptible to warping from moisture (and spilled water bowls) than many domestic woods, this is a hardwood option to consider.
Keep in mind, however, that exotic woods can be more costly than domestic woods due to their limited availability and beautiful allure. Speak to your flooring specialist about the benefits of exotic woods over domestic varieties.
A domestic hardwood that is more durable than other familiar species, such as pine, is hickory. Hickory carries a few benefits. It has a unique and bold grain structure that hides any potential dents and scratches (along with normal wear and tear) and is naturally more dense than other domestic woods.
Hickory can be stained for a more streamlined appeal or left in its light yellow, natural state to give your home a cozy look. Keep in mind that the detailed grain of this wood can be overpowering, so it may be best for smaller areas of the home, such as a child's bedroom or hallways.
Handscraped hardwood isn't a type of hardwood at all, but rather a distressing technique that is applied to whatever type of wood flooring you choose for your home. The surface of the wood planks are scraped to create ridges and texture in your flooring for an aged, classic appeal.
Handscraping can definitely be a benefit to hardwood flooring in a home with pets or children, since the dimension added to the wood helps disguise any potential flaws in the flooring that may occur due to tiny feet, clumsy hands, and thick claws. If you cannot afford a rich or dense hardwood but still want hardwood flooring in your home, talk to your flooring specialist about handscraped wood.
Finally, engineered hardwood may be the best choice for your busy home. Engineered hardwood is designed by layering a thin plank of true hardwood in any species over a thick layering of durable wood pieces. The result is a dense plank of wood that is less susceptible to moisture and other types of damage.
Engineered wood is also often cheaper than other true hardwood types but still looks amazing and holds up well. If you are on a strict budget, this may be the best option for you.
There are many hardwood options for your home when you have kids and pets. Talk to our specialists at Traditional Hardwood Floors to schedule an appointment for your home.