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Five Reasons to Choose Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Have you always wanted beautiful, authentic hardwood flooring in your home? Harwood flooring can add an element of character to any room, providing warmth, color and coziness. However, hardwood floors can be quite expensive, and they require care and maintenance. Luckily, there is an alternative for all the authentic wood fans out there – laminate hardwood flooring. This type comes with many advantages, and there are several reasons to consider getting it.

Look and Texture

Laminate flooring can look just like real wood. Some varieties are even textured with realistic knots and scrapes for a distressed look. This is excellent for those who enjoy the authentic look without the price.


Laminate flooring additionally has great versatility. It can come in many different colors and styles, often mimicking different types of wood. No matter what the style of your home is, there is likely a laminate style to suit the look.

Beautiful Finishes

If you are a fan of that super glossy polished wood look that you’ve seen in homes on TV and in magazines, laminate flooring can likely provide you with just that. If that is not your style, it usually comes in matte coatings as well.

Low Maintenance

Laminate hardwood flooring is also low maintenance. All you should do is sweep or vacuum it regularly to ensure it looks clean and that it is free of gritty dirt or sand that can cause scratches.


Laminate flooring is more affordable than regular hardwood, making it a great option for those on a budget. To learn more about laminate hardwood flooring, call Traditional Hardwood Floors, LLC at 614-308-0888.