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The Benefits of Cork Flooring

As you redesign a certain room in your home, consider cork when looking at your flooring options. Aside from being quite unique, cork has a lot of different benefits for your home. Here is a look at four benefits of using cork flooring.

Easy Cleaning

Cork doesn't absorb the materials that fall on it, making it easy to clean. It also repels hair, dust and small particles, making it hypoallergenic.

Block Sound

Cork makes for good insulation, meaning it can block sounds you don't want to hear beneath your feet. It's also good for noisy rooms, like a theater or game room, and will keep the sound in.

Comfortable Surface

Cork gives just slightly underfoot, which makes it comfortable for rooms where you stand a lot. It can also act as a cushion which can help reduce injuries taken from fall damage.

Damage Resistant

Cork flooring resists abrasions and cracking which makes it very durable. If you keep your cork floor properly maintained, it can last for 40 years or longer.
Don't forget cork when considering what kind of floor you want in a new or remodeled room. It's easy to clean, insulated, comfortable and durable; everything you could want in a floor. To find out more, call Traditional Hardwood Floors, LLC at 614-308-0888.