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Beautiful LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tile in Columbus

Property owners and managers in the greater Columbus area have an opportunity to implement one of the most unique and interesting materials in their next project: cork. For more than 25 years, Traditional Hardwood Floors has been a distributor and installer of a variety of flooring types. If you haven’t seen a cork floor before, come visit our showroom. The following are some reasons for the product’s increase in popularity:
  • Sustainability – Cork is a renewable resource. Rather than cutting down entire trees, the material is obtained from bark. The same tree can be harvested several times during the course of its life.
  • Softness – The material’s natural compressible air pockets make it comfortable on your feet, and it reduces back pain in persons who stand for long periods of time.
  • Thermal isolation – The unique tree bark product maintains a more constant temperature, unlike materials that absorb and radiate energy.
  • Impenetrable to moisture – When you think about the classic wine bottle stopper, it’s clear that this material has outstanding moisture resistance.
  • Durable – Its density and hardness make it a great choice for supporting heavy furniture.
  • Reduces slips – Because of a texture that is soft but not smooth, there’s less chance of slipping than on other surfaces.
  • Resistance to fire – It doesn’t combust, so it won’t go up in flames.

Visit Our Showroom to Learn More

Available finishes include wax, urethane and varnish, but environmentally friendly and unfinished products are also available. We’re also a bamboo floor  installer and can handle repairs and resurfacing of just about any existing surface. The best way to decide on the material that’s right for your project is to come in to see and feel it for yourself. For a free estimate or to ask questions about our showroom in Columbus and the surrounding area, call us at 614-308-0888.