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A Tradition of Quality
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Residential Flooring Professionals in Columbus

residential flooring experts
Hardwood floors can evoke many moods: sophistication, resilience, warmth and nostalgia. When you picture your home’s many activities – dinner in the dining room, toddlers playing with blocks – you picture hardwood floors as the substantial backdrop. A second-generation company since 1990 and member of the National Wood Flooring Association, Traditional Hardwood Floors LLC can provide the installation, sanding, finishing and custom staining to create the beautiful hardwood flooring you’ve always pictured as the foundation of your life.
We offer the best quality floor for residential on-site assembly, finishing repairs and restoration of hardwood floors. Our team of well-skilled flooring professionals has experience with difficult restorations of hardwood floors in many precious historical buildings as well as with projects of modern architects. At Traditional Hardwood Floors LLC, our motto is: “A Tradition of Quality.”

Routine Care & Maintenance

With proper maintenance, your floor will retain its beautiful appearance and remain virtually carefree for years to come.
  • Vacuum or dust-mop your floor daily to minimize abrasive grit and dirt. Note: Do not use vacuums with beater bars.
  • Blot spills and spots immediately.
  • Periodically clean floor with the floor cleaner recommended by Traditional Hardwood Floors LLC. We recommend the Woodpecker Cleaning System, which is designed to work with our floor finishing products to continue to enhance the beauty of your floors.
  • Do not use wax, polish, oil, soap, abrasive cleaners, detergents, steel wool, scouring powder or any appreciable amount of water.

Protecting Your Floors

Wood is naturally porous and absorbs and releases moisture. Controlling humidity is the most important factor in preventing problems with moisture and your wood floors. Maintain properly functioning heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. Try to maintain indoor relative humidity between 45 percent and 50 percent year-round. Humidity causes wood floors to expand, and lack of humidity causes them to shrink. During the winter months, wood floors tend to shrink, causing gaps and cracks to appear. This is an indication that humidity levels in your home are too low. During the summer months, wood expands and requires less humidity. It is important to note any changes in your flooring and make adjustments to your humidifier as necessary, especially during seasonal changes.  Dehumidifiers are required in humid environments and are recommended for basements and crawl spaces as necessary to maintain the proper moisture balance.

General Maintenance

After years of wear, hardwood floors require an additional application of polyurethane. This maintenance coat restores the luster of the floor, removing many surface scratches.


We provide a limited, one-year warranty for the material, installation and surfacing of hardwood floors.